Sunday, September 14, 2014

Living in a Home that Fits You

Buying a condo is different from buying a land or a house and lot that’s why you should first weigh in what you need and what you want to have before making a final decision.

You need to buy a condo if:

You live alone.
fort bonifacio condo_live alone

One of the many reasons why people choose to live in condos is because of its security. If you live in a condo, you will feel safe because it’s usually tightly guarded by security professionals. Aside from that, because of the advancement of technology almost all of the condominiums sold nowadays are equipped with the latest security cameras or mostly known as CCTV cameras.

You do not have the time for maintenance.

fort bonifacio condo_home maintenance

If you are a first time home owner, living in a condominium must be suitable for you. Having other people to do the job for the maintenance is a big perk because if you are a traveler, or just busy person engaged in a business or work, you can fully use your time for other useful things.


tennis court

Do you want to live in a community with a pool, a clubhouse and or a gym? Probably yes, but if you do not have money to buy all these things, might as well consider living in a condo that offers these. These are the pros of owning a condo, follow this blog for more post.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Condo Space Saving Tips

You will have no problem finding condo for sale in Makati but the difficulty lies on space. We are talking about the size of the unit because once you decided to live in a condo each square foot matters. You should be able to utilize every nook and cranny of your cramped space. Still, transform it into a real home even though you will live inside a “little box”. Because the moment you got home from work, this is your sanctuary to rest your tired mind and body. Don’t know where to start? You may read the tips below on how to design a small living quarters. 

1. Hang mirrors on the walls to create an illusion of a “big” space and to distribute light around the area. Mirrors don’t eat up floor space. If clumsiness is not your second nature, you may put up glass tables or chairs as well. 


2. Avoid curtains made from dark hues and heavy materials. You will not only feel suffocated but it gives off a gloomy vibe. Pastel colors and light materials are preferable.

condo for sale makati_pastel curtains
3. The management’s number one rule: don’t repaint your unit. What is the alternative then? Choose furnishings and decorations painted with your favorite color. Just do it in moderation. This is also applicable to the flooring. If they prohibit changing the tiles, you may replace it with floor coverings or linoleums.

4. Use partitions. These are ideal dividers for studio-type or one-bedroom type of condo. You can use a curtain and hang it using a plastic pipe. Alternatively, a sturdy divider might do and make it stand. You will not also compromise your privacy. It will be an added home decor if you pick out something with design or color.

5.  Make it foldable. Nowadays, you can fold chairs, tables, and storage boxes. After you use it, refold it and lean it against a wall. In this way, you don’t need to go around through a maze of furniture and avoid accidents in the future.

6. The beauty of built-ins. Shelves and cabinets are bulky compartments that takes up so much room. You could solve this by installing it on a wall or at a corner with enough space. 

7. Choose multi-purpose furniture. Built-ins and foldable are common solutions to utilize small-sized room. The modern and cool way of doing it is transforming a sofa to bed; bed to table; kitchen counter to dining area; or a plain wall to anything. Just make sure you have enough room to transform it.  
Don’t forget to ask the condo board or the management before altering the interior of your condo unit. This is important to avoid serious disputes or misunderstandings between you and the board. In the end, you’re not the only one satisfied and happy, you’re in the good side of the management as well because you follow the rules.